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Every dealer who immediately before the appointed day, holds a valid or effective certificate of registration or license under any of the earlier laws and is liable to pay tax if his turnover of sales and purchase in the said year has exceeded rupees one lakh is liable to pay tax in accordance with the provision of the Act.

Incidence of Tax

The term dealer has a broad meaning. It includes a person who is engaged in buying and selling of goods in the state whether for commission or remuneration. The term dealer also includes Broker, Commission agent, Department of Union government and state government, Customs, Railways, Insurance and financial corporations, Airlines, Agencies, company, body or authority, Port Trusts etc.,

Every dealer who has become liable to pay tax under the act shall continue to be so liable until his registration is duly cancelled.

Turnover limits for the purpose of liability

(a) Limit of 1,00,000 in the case of a dealer who is an importer and the value of taxable goods sold or purchased by him during the year is not less than 10,000

(b)Limit of 10,00,000 in any other cases where the value of taxable  goods sold or purchased by him during the year is not less than Rs.10,000

MahaGST eRegistration

No dealer shall be able to pay the tax unless he posses a certificate of registration. Any dealer may obtain a certificate of registration under the Bombay Sales Tax Act 1959, which is effective or valid immediately before the appointed day, it shall not be necessary for him to apply for Fresh Certificate.

Fresh Certificate of registration

When a dealer has more than one business within the state and has obtained another certificate along with the principal place of business, he shall hold the single certificate with respect to all the business he holds. Every dealer who is required to obtain a new certificate shall apply in the prescribed form within the stipulated period within the concerned authority and the application should be accompanied by the existing certificate of registration together with the all the additional copies if any issued to him. The commissioner may notify in the official gazette a date for canceling the existing certificate of registration and from that date, all the existing certificate of registration will be treated as canceled.

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MahaGST Website

Department of Sales tax, Government of Maharastra has its official website at That’s the website you need to refer to MVAT Payment after you have done successful signup and registration. It’s also called as the MahaGST Site.

Maha VAT is the site that you should be using eRegistrations, eReturns and eCST declarations, e-Audit forms and other details.

Forgot MahaGST Password

You can easily reset using OTP send to your mobile.

Mahavat Site Not Working

Most of the time the site is up and running but due to some backend work, the site might be offline for some time. and if you ate tring to access older MVAT website i.e., it will be down because GST replaced VAT long back and site also changed for Maharastra GST returns and filings. It’s now the site.

You can visit to check whether site is up or down.

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