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GST Transitional Return Formats i.e., GST TRAN 1 and GST TRAN 2

Here you can find GST Tran 1 and GST Tran 2 Format download easily. GST Tran 1 and GST Tran…

5 months ago

Value Added taxation

Value Added Tax in India is a state multi point tax on value addition which is collected at different stages…

1 year ago

All you need to know about Tax Planning

Tax is an exercise undertaken to minimize tax liability through the best use of all available allowances, deductions, exclusions, exemptions…

2 years ago

All about MVAT

Every dealer who immediately before the appointed day, holds a valid or effective certificate of registration or license under any…

2 years ago

How to Minimise Tax Liability

In the context of saving Tax, there are three commonly used practices - Tax Evasion Tax Avoidance Tax Planning Now…

3 years ago

Demonetization, a New Drive for Rising India

Demonetization means the old unit of currency will be retired and shall be replaced with a new currency. This is…

3 years ago