How to Deal with Your Online Reputation and Your Career

Managing your online reputation can be important when it comes to getting a job because it gives you the chance to present your assets and accomplishments to prospective employers. If you have a less than good online reputation, then it can easily end up achieving the opposite by standing between you and your dream job. The tips below will help you in managing your online reputation and can make a lot of difference when it comes to getting your dream job. There was a study done showing that 52% of recruiters used social media sites in assessing candidates for jobs.

  1. Fighting the Negative Using the Positive

When people Google themselves, they are sometimes surprised to find that there is something negative about them showing up even if it is something that happened long ago. Maybe it could be a photo showing you in a negative light or an ugly argument with someone. Using positive posts can help in counteracting negativity is a good idea. The positive posts will push down the negative ones. It is hard for people to go to the third or even second page of Google results.

  1. Taking full advantage of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a good place for listing the jobs you have worked in before, how you helped the employer and your tenure. If you have links to your work, consider adding them so that the recruiter can see some of the things you have been able to accomplish. You can show a little personality by what you use as motivation and why you picked a particular field. Tradewind Education says that the recommendations feature is a tool you should not overlook. You can use it in inviting your bosses, clients, and co-workers to share some of your assets as an employee.

  1. Paying Attention to Grammar and Spelling

Even if your resume and cover letter you used in applying for the job is perfect, you should pay more attention to spelling and grammar when posting on social media. Having poor grammar or spelling can be a big turn off for recruiters and it can easily cost you your dream job. This is because some recruiters will see this as being a sign that you don’t pay attention to detail, which reflects poorly on you as an employee.

  1. Skipping Controversial Subjects

While you might be interested in things to do with politics, you should consider doing it off social media. Recruiters might not appreciate some political views, especially when things get heated. The recruiter is going to see the type of interests you have and if you are engaging in discussions on these issues. You have the chance of presenting a positive side.

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  1. Thoughtless or Offensive Posts on Social Media

You should never get involved on social media. Getting into discussions can be a good tool because it can show you in a positive light. When you get involved in an argument, you will end up achieving the opposite. You should never talk negatively about politics, religion, other people customers or even sexual orientation. These things are going to negatively affect you with your job prospects. It is also not a good idea to have photos of you and your friends enjoying yourself of beer bash that you were in last weekend.

  1. Using Social Media Professionally

You should create your own personal website. You should remove any photos that aren’t helping you with your job prospects, e.g. unflattering photos you in a party. Your website should have information such as your work experience. You can use the website to show your work history and make it downloadable. You should do this with your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. You have the chance of showing recruiters what you are capable of through your creativity.

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