How To Write Achievements In Your Resume

When building your resume, you should cover your basic job responsibilities but without simply mentioning the routine. Keep all duty summaries concise and try concentrating on results that came out of your daily work. So, try highlighting your achievements as opposed to your duties.

Achievements are the things you were responsible for doing that had a long-lasting impact for your client or company. It is a result that you bring about personally when you fulfill a certain role. Typically, achievements are things that you designed, built, created, initiated, or sold.

It isn’t the same as responsibilities that were part of the job description because those remain fixed no matter who is employed in the post. Achievements are unique to your experience and inform a potential employer that you are capable of delivering. If you’re looking to land your first job, you’ll need to focus on your other achievements and accomplishments through your education, or any volunteer work.

So, ensure that you keep duty summaries concise and instead focus on your unique accomplishments.

People often aren’t aware of how they ought to express their achievements versus responsibilities. The reason for this is probably because responsibilities often seem to be achievements while most achievements may appear to be responsibilities. To ensure that there’s no confusion, you should focus on determining which of the experiences that you have gained through the workforce can be considered achievements and which ones can be considered responsibilities.

Structure of an Achievement

Achievements primarily comprise of 3 components:

– The use of a certain skills

– Engaging in a particular activity

– Getting quantifiable/measurable results or benefits

The “What? / So What?” Formula

Successfully completing the achievements section of your resume is perhaps the hardest part. The simplest way you can do this is by employing the “What?/So What?” formula, which is essentially a 2-step process that asks:

Instead of stating that you were responsible for a 10-member team, you could instead say that you arranged, planned, and hosted a team-building away day that resulted in better communications in the office.


What Did I Do?

So What?

Saved the company money and time

Made a comprehensive inventory program for the company.

Wrote a complex inventory application that helped save both time and money.

What Did I Do?

So What?

Implemented a new system for accounting.

Implemented a new system for accounting for multiple locations thus reducing the time for customer inquiries.

What Did I Do?

So What?

Implemented a new client service program

Developed and implemented a client service program that expanded the small-to-medium client base by 35 percent.

Achievement Statement Examples

Responded to more than 90 customer calls every day and solved 90 percent of their concerns.

Developed a new employee orientation program that all the company locations adopted.

Assisted the credit manager in account collection via mail and phone thus increasing accounts receivable by 20 percent.

Served customers in a positive way and received 2 customer service awards in the past year.

Created a multimedia campaign that led to increased enrollment by 800 students in 8 years.

List of Achievements

Received awards

Worked on special projects

Came up with a new idea that helped improve things

Identified a problem a came up with a solution

Reorganized something to make it work better

Saved time for the company

Saved the company money

Increased the company’s sales or revenue

Contributed to good customer service

Complimented by coworkers or supervisor

Implemented or developed new systems or procedures.

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