How To Position Yourself For A Successful Career In Finance

While it could take a bitch of effort to make a breakthrough in a career in the financial sector, the hard work will be met with impeccable rewards throughout your career.

Here is a list of steps from Swisslinx that you could take to place yourself for success as you nurture your own career in the finance sector. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it provides a tangible and well-defined blueprint for ultimate success, taking into account the ever-changing financial services landscape.

Step 1: Create Networks

This is an important step for budding professionals in all niches but is particularly essential for anyone pursuing a successful and rewarding career in finance.

Networking is the foundation of all the work you will take part in as a finance professional, mainly because business relationships do not follow business – they come before it. In simple terms, you require strong business relationships to make great business and no reverse.

For any successful finance professional, a strong and ever-growing network is their lifeblood. Whether you’re a financial planner with your own firm, a personal consultant, or an upcoming financial analyst, you must focus on growing that contact list.

Some ways to build your network include:

Be thoughtful and choose wisely

Investing in a specific group of individuals is great both professionally and personally as compared to investing in many people who will only make your social network valueless. Ask whether the relationship adds value to all parties involved.

Giving is Investing

Giving almost instantly in a relationship shows that you’re willing to sacrifice your resources and time. It also encourages your peers to sacrifice their resources and time when you require it most.


While business relationships are considered the lifeblood of a business, interaction is considered to be the pulse. The better and more frequently you interact, the healthier your relationship will be, and consequently the business.

Step 2: Get a Mentor

Identifying a mentor in the finance industry could be the difference between walking to your workplace and driving to your office. And similar to buying a car, getting a mentor is no easy task: it requires you to invest your energy, resources, and time that will certainly result in a successful finance career.

When finding a mentor, budding business professionals must start by identifying their specific career aspirations. Finding yourself a mentor could happen at any time in the process of interacting with top business professionals around your network. Being sure of where you’d like to make it easier for you to determine the best personnel to invest in.

It is essential that you add value to your mentor, and constantly remind them about it so that they will reciprocate and feel positive about helping you achieve what you’d like. This reciprocity, however, requires great selflessness. It also means being accountable, sharing your hard work and progress as well as credit where it is deserved.

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Finally, getting a mentor should be considered a long-term commitment. It not only means that you’re ready to make it last, but also that you’re investing in it, regularly, consistently, and without any reservations. There is a chance that your mentor also looks up to someone and that a successful career is mutual between both of you.

Step 3: Enhance Your Soft Skills

Hard skills are a great necessity. Business can obviously not operate with the numerous skills you’ve gained and continue to hone. However, organizations, businesses, and firms are becoming increasingly interested in soft skills: interpersonal skills, communication, and so on.

A great command of the soft skills required for good business is easily noticed off the paper and lets you stand beyond your competition during interviews or networking events.

Firms in the financial services sector exercise great caution in the search for new candidates and are always looking for people who will help enhance their image outside their premises.

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Soft skills often have lasting impacts on ultimate success in the industry. They are not only suited for starting your career but also for anyone aspiring to be an expert in their field.

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